Our Unique Income Stream Purchase Process

Our Unique Secondary Market Annuity Purchase Process

With every payment stream, the Hub Business Trust acts as the principal buyer and commits its capital to purchase each case prior to marketing. We have a deeply vested interest in making sure that the purchased payment streams are meticulously vetted before placing them In Stock.

Only after we have painstakingly scrutinized and thoroughly reviewed each payment stream is it made available to your client to fund and close. SMA Hub’s closing book details every aspect of our procedures and your client’s transaction.

SMA Hub’s unique process protects your client’s confidentiality and frees them from confusing, complex, and time-consuming paperwork. The traditional way of selling SMAs is fraught with delays and a significant potential for fallout. These complications are caused by failure to receive court approval and failure to meet due diligence. The SMA Hub In Stock SMA has already received court approval and has also met our stringent due diligence process. It is immediately available to your client, off the shelf.

The Hub’s process offers unparalleled protection and certainty for your client.

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Summary Of Our Process

  • Advisor Support

    SMA Hub offers its advisors unprecedented support, inventory, and execution to enter the SMA marketplace.

  • Chain Of Title

    We provide a clear chain of title demonstrating that your client owns the payments irrevocably.

  • Confidentiality

    Our process provides confidentiality for your client.

  • Certainty

    We provide certainty of execution on all In Stock payment streams and absorb all the fallout risk during the reassignment proceedings for Pre-Order payment streams.

  • True Service

    We utilize the professional payment servicing of GoldStar Trust Company, which provides real and ongoing account service that also facilitates easy reassignments.

  • Attention to Detail

    We provide post-closing support; and as a party to the transaction, buyers can rely on SMA Hub to attend to every detail.

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  • What Are SMAs?

  • The Benefits of SMAs

  • SMA Hub Difference

Annuities are financial products that pay out a fixed stream of income to individuals, usually retirees. The money comes from a substantial lump sum or monthly payments put into the annuity during the accumulation phase. Once payments commence at a specified date, the contract enters the annuitization phase.

Secondary market annuities originate from existing annuities that become available for purchase. They offer fixed-term payment streams, up to several decades long, from top-quality insurance carriers.

SMAs could be the right fit for your client’s profile if he or she is looking for above-average returns with relatively low risk. Investors must also have enough resources to tie up funds in this illiquid investment.

SMAs offer many of the same benefits as primary market annuities—including payment certainty and a guaranteed yield—without all the restrictions associated with insurance contracts. While insurance products often translate to low returns for the investor, SMAs routinely provide yields 1-4% higher than comparable original issue annuities at a lower cost and without introducing a high level of risk.

SMA Hub is far from merely a “middleman” in the process of transferring structured settlement cash flows. We acquire original issue annuities in their entirety using an independent business trust. Then, our experienced, on-staff attorney navigates the complexities of transitioning the financial product into a secondary market annuity.

Only once the review process is complete and the sale of the payment stream has been court-approved do we list SMAs in our inventory. This adds additional layers of protection to your practice and ultimately your clients. By the time you see SMAs for sale on our website, all due diligence has been performed. Therefore, you can expect to close your client’s case within 24 to 48 hours, pending liquidity of funds.

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