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What are Secondary Market Annuities or SMA’s?

SMA’s are created when the right to receive specific future payments, that originate from an existing annuity contract, become available for purchase.

Secondary Market Annuities

Secondary market annuities offer fixed term payment streams from top quality insurance carriers. The high-quality creditworthiness of the insurance carriers usually translates to lower returns to the investor, however secondary market annuities provide yields one to four percent higher than comparable assets.

The term secondary market annuity has become an industry standard referring to the rights to receive specific future payments that originate from an existing annuity and become available for purchase. These cash flows originate from factored structured settlement or an existing primary annuity contract that allows for it to be sold or assigned to someone else.

Secondary market annuities offer many of the primary market benefits, period certain, guaranteed yield, without all the restrictions associated with insurance contracts. Simply put, secondary market annuities offer higher returns and fewer restrictions, with relatively little additional risk.

Origin of The Secondary Market Annuity

The term secondary market annuity refers to structured settlement payments, period certain immediate annuities, and lottery payments. The payment stream is an existing, fixed receivable or derivative.

The majority of secondary market annuity transactions are from structured settlement payments for damages or personal injury. These payments are funded by annuities issued by top-rated insurance carriers, like MetLife, New York Life, Prudential, and others.

When the original owners of payment streams sell their future payments for cash today, a secondary market annuity derivative is created. Furthermore, it is simply an existing payment stream, transacting in the secondary market.

Who is SMA Hub?

SMA Hub is the leading wholesale distributor for Secondary Market Annuities servicing advisors and agents.

Why are the yields higher?

The high yields available from SMAs are simply derived from the original owner’s desire to sell their payments at a discount.

Why is our platform superior?

SMA Hub’s attention to detail protects your client to the highest possible degree. Our unique streamlined purchase process provides meticulously vetted payment streams.

What do we do?

SMA Hub is the premier advisor’s resource for exclusive secondary market annuities that offer certainty, quick closing, high returns and come with an unbeatable guarantee.

SMA Hub Difference

Why we are Different

SMA Hub is far from just a middleman of Structured Settlement cash flow streams. We purchase secured payment streams in their entirety before being assigned to an end recipient, giving us the flexibility to tailor and craft our planning solutions exactly to each client’s needs.

We utilize an independent Business Trust to acquire each individual cash flow, assign it with a unique identifying code followed by an extensive legal review by our on-staff attorneys prior to the acquisition. Both the use of an independent trust as well as our legal review process adds additional layers of protection for your practice and ultimately your clients.  Once the review process is complete and as soon as the sale of the payment stream is court approved and funded through our bank and line of credit, we can close your client’s case within 24-48 hours pending liquidity of funds.

Premier Servicing

Our 1st class servicer, Goldstar Trust Company, is the recipient of all incoming benefits directly from the originating insurance carrier. Once your client executes the Irrevocable Assignment, SMA Hub legally forfeits all rights to the future benefits.  Utilizing Goldstar’s services allows for the customization of each cash flow to be broken apart in dollar amount or term while maintaining unmatched security for your client’s ownership in either a portion or entirety of the payment stream. It is, for this reason, SMA Hub has the capacity to provide our services to every type of investor, from introductory net worth’s to accredited investors.

While our process allows for streamlined and efficient acquisition of this niche asset, our model also considers the necessity for our clients to offload their purchase in an emergency. Should a client find themselves in a position of illiquidity, they have to option to rapidly sell the remaining benefits back to the Hub at market value.

Our Promise

As a boutique specialty financing firm we strive to provide white glove service to all agents and advisors that we work with. Our model was developed and has been continuously refined from the feedback and critiques of our trusted partners on the front lines. We look forward to your continued business and exceeding your high expectations of us and our offerings.

Leading Wholesaler

A True Wholesaler

Be cautious, several Secondary Annuity companies in this industry claim to be a true “wholesale” distribution provider of SMAs when in reality, the majority of these companies sell directly to retail clients.  We believe a true “wholesale” distributor should never be in a position to compete directly against its distribution channels.  Because SMA Hub is a true wholesaler of Secondary Market Annuities we provide a tried and proven business model where agents no longer have to worry about their clients circumventing them or being directly marketed to by their “wholesale” provider of SMA’s.

Origination of Deals

SMA Hub does not originate Secondary Market Annuities and or compete with its suppliers of factored structured settlements. SMA Hub works with some of the top originators in the market and as a result, provide files that meet each states structured settlement statute requirements.

Carrier Ratings

When purchasing Secondary Market Annuities we do not just focus on the types of income streams but in a addition, we focus on carrier strength. Furthermore, SMA Hub purchases only from only highly rated carriers.

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About the unique SMA Hub Secondary Market Annuity purchase process


With each secondary market annuity payment stream, Hub Business Trust is the principal buyer and puts its own capital on the line.


We have exclusive, quick-close, IN STOCK Secondary Market Annuity inventory available for immediate transfer.


Our proprietary purchasing model allows purchasers to customize our in-stock Secondary Market Annuity income streams by apportioning the cash flow to their needs.


With each secondary market annuity, we utilize a professional payment servicing provider.


We thoroughly review all case documentation with our in-house Counsel making sure our interest are in line with your clients.


Before requesting purchaser funds, we provide a closing book documenting the unbroken and irrevocable chain of title to the cash flow.


SMA Hub offers its advisors unprecedented support, inventory distribution, and execution to enter the secondary market annuity marketplace.


SMA Hub’s principals have funded over 1,500 SMA contracts and over 100 million in investor “premium”.

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