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Secondary Market Annuities

Secondary market annuities offer fixed term payment streams from top quality insurance carriers. The high quality creditworthiness of the insurance carriers usually translates to lower returns to the investor, however secondary market annuities come with yields one to four percent higher than comparable assets.

The term secondary market annuity has become an industry standard referring to a factored structured settlement, previously owned annuity or in-force annuity.

Secondary market annuities offer all the benefits of the primary market, period certain, guaranteed yield annuity. Simply put, secondary market annuities offer higher returns without additional risk.

Origin of the Secondary Market Annuity

The term secondary market annuity refers to structured settlement payments, period certain immediate annuities, and lottery payments. The payment stream is an existing, fixed receivable.

The majority of secondary market annuity transactions are from structured settlement payments for damages or personal injury. These payments are funded by annuities issued by U.S. based insurance companies, like MetLife, New York Life, Prudential and others.

When the original owners of payment streams sell their future payments for cash today, a secondary market annuity is created; it is simply an existing payment stream, transacting in the secondary market.

Who is SMA Hub?

SMA Hub, Inc. is the leading wholesale distributor for Secondary Market Annuities servicing advisors and agents.

Why are the yields higher?

The high yields available from SMAs are simply derived from the original owner’s desire to sell their payments at a discount.

Why is our platform superior?

SMA Hub’s attention to detail protects your client to the highest possible degree. Our unique streamlined purchase process provides meticulously vetted payment streams.

What do we do?

SMA Hub is the premier advisor’s resource for exclusive secondary market annuities that offer certainty, quick closing, high returns and come with an unbeatable guarantee.

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  • Principal Buyer

    With each secondary market annuity payment stream, Hub Business Trust is the principal buyer and puts its own capital on the line.

  • In Stock Inventory

    We have exclusive, quick-close, IN STOCK inventory available for immediate transfer.

  • Professional Servicing

    With each secondary market annuity, we utilize a professional payment servicing provider.


    We thoroughly review all case documentation.


    Before requesting purchaser funds, we provide a closing book documenting the unbroken and irrevocable chain of title to the cash flow.

  • Advisor Support

    SMA Hub offers its advisors unprecedented support, inventory, and execution to enter the secondary market annuity marketplace.

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